30 September 2008

The Dark Side of The Light - Iggy Pop and the Stooges in Ljubljana

After two very bright concerts last week a dark one followed. Iggy Pop came to Ljubljana after few years of absence, with The Stooges. Lots of photographers, more than 20, and so little space and even less light for everyone to catch. I knew he doesn't like strobes or bright spots, but this conditions were almost impossible to take a picture (flash was not allowed) I don't know why are they doing it. I saw images from shows in London and elsewhere and light there was completely normal. I often ask myself, in such conditions, if because we're living in a small country like Slovenia this means we will get less from big name artists? Are we some kind of "shareware" for them in terms of show production? Otherwise concert was loud, energetic, Iggy kept running like crazy, jumping all over place. Sound followed the conditions. Very loud and trashy. Amazingly how much energy this man still carries with him. Hopefully, he comes back soon with more light :)

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Damn right!!