25 January 2008


Tide had a cool concert in Cvetličarna last night. It felt good to start shooting the concerts again after a few weeks of break. Here are some moments. Enjoy!

20 January 2008

Mohawk Punker Haircut

I am sure this bass players head has to be the most photographed item of Zablujena Generacija, a Slovenian Punk band from Idrija. His Mohawk, punk hairstyle is great for pictures and here's a selection of same head in 3 different lights shining up the artwork :) A great detail to catch and play with, when the light from the back is so strong that other stuff is hard to do. All of these were taken at the Šank Rock 25th anniversary in Velenje.

17 January 2008


Ok i'm back. Took some days off, been ill and finally managed to edit some movies i made at the last Pankrti concert of the 2007 tour in a little village of Hum in vine region of Goriška brda. Well, this time some coments from the band and some on stage footage. Sound is still crappy. Anyway, enjoy and feel free to comment :)

01 January 2008

Reuters Pictures of The Year and Rolling Stones

Reuters posted a selection of their best pictures of the year 2007 and selected two images of Rolling Stones. One of them was a very specific pose Keith Richards did in Belgrade, on July 14th with a guitar on his face. A pose i haven't seen before, and a picture i also captured, basically very similar, only taken from a bit different location, a meter or two to the left from Reuters photographer. One of my favourite pictures, from that concert which also got into my Stones exhibition. Not sure how much crop the awarded image got, but i originally captured it in a wider angle to show the whole guitar. Here are both of them, first a screenshot of the awarded one and then mine :)