29 November 2007

Pankrti, Pankrti, Pankrti

Well this is the sight i will never forget :) Our legendary punk group Pankrti preparing for their first concert to mark the 30th anniversary of their existence. In the background you can also see the guitarist that will join the group on stage for the tour, legendary Iggy Pop and Patti Smith guitar player Ivan Král. As you can see my legs are in the frame to give you a good point of how it looks from first person view :) More pictures soon :)

And if anyone is still thinking on buying the ticket for the show, go for it, it will be very very loud! Punk is not dead :)

27 November 2007

One year of blogging

Well, i made it trough first year of blogging. Thanks to everyone for reading my stories and clicking on the pictures. Cheers ! :)

25 November 2007

Happy Birthday Sausages

Sausages celebrated their 15th birthday and organized a concert for friends and fans in Orto. True rock 'n' roll evening, unlimited amounts of beer for those who purchased their t-shirt during the concert and many guests on and off the stage. Buco, the drummer, did his famous "beer glass swallow" again as everyone was expecting. You can see them at their traditional gig in Cutty Sark on December 13th. Here are some moments i captured yesterday. Enjoy!

23 November 2007

Bajaga again in Ljubljana

Another cool concert in Cvetličarna. This time Momčilo Bajagić - Bajaga came to this club and it was full quickly after doors opened. Very cool. I managed to get a few shots of Bajaga in the backstage area before the show and as you can see he was in a very good mood :)

21 November 2007

Sound check with Lačni Franz

It is very rare to be able to take pictures during sound checks before some big concert. Usually musicians will not like anyone on stage with a camera and flash jumping around and taking pictures. I've done it before and conditions for doing it are not ideal, as the light is not turned on, there are lots of people all over the place preparing things for the concert, there's always a lack of time and everyone wants to finish it as fast as possible. Good guys of Lačni Franz, a legendary Slovenian band from Maribor allowed me to join them on stage before their appearance in Cvetličarna where they played with Mi2. I think the whole sound check with most of them on stage lasted about 2 -3 songs , so overall, the same timing as normal concert photo shoot.

19 November 2007

Beauty and The Beast

I'm lovin' it

What is going to be a result of this game?

Workers protest - Delavske demonstracije

Just a couple of moments....

12 November 2007

Danilo "007" Türk Elected as Slovenian President

Here's our new 007 elected yesterday :)


Here's the first post in new category - Quiz. Who is in the picture?

Kemal Monteno with his guitar

Another ex you legend Kemal Monteno visited Ljubljana for a concert. This was one of those "a man and his guitar" night which are not very common. Audience, a bit older, was singing with Kemal from song one and it was nice to hear those good old known tunes that he wrote for himself and mostly for other musicians...

06 November 2007


I've worked with TABU, a pop rock group from Slovenia, several times very sucessfully. We actually met just after their big concert in Hala Tivoli some years ago, but recently they went trough some changes and introduced new singer Tina who replaced Nina (btw, check her blog here).

Their current single which is getting lots of airplay Cloud for two (Oblak za dva) had to be visualised and they did it on Sunday in the concert halll of the old and abandoned Rog factory. Altough there were plenty of lights it was still quite cold. We did some group shots very quickly which will be seen soon in different publications and i shot some scenes from the making of video. As always working with them is very cool and fun. Especially when some special effect scenes were done. I will not tell you much about it, other than the whole team on site was having lots of fun catching Maco the guitar player flying around the place. I left just after that and they worked untill 3am i beleive....Here are a couple moments...Video is supposed to be out aroudn the end ov month....

04 November 2007

Big Foot Mama - New CD promotion

Last monday, latest CD from Big Foot Mama "Važno da Zadane" promotion gig in KUD France Prešeren. Lots of people, lots of photographers, hardly no space and high expectations. Light was not ideal at all, maybe for people in the hall, but not for pictures. You know the fog, strobes and such...After two songs we went out and let the fans in first rows to enjoy. I took some stuff from the end of the hall and went into backstage and did some side shots quickly. Light was very low from that angle and i didn't use flash as i was asked not to. Personally I think b&w fits those moments best and the band seems to be enjoying it a lot. I was lucky to hear some songs during my visit of BFM studio sessions while they were recording, but the finished material is really good!

Vlatko Stefanovski

I'm stil here. I took some time off to refill the batteries and start the last two months of this year well relaxed.

Now back to business. Vlatko Stefanovski of Leb i Sol had a concert with his trio in Cvetlicarna two weeks ago. Totally packed place and Vlatko like i have never seen him. Full of energy is all i can say, he was really enjoying this gig as i heard later. Here's a couple of portraits of him in his "head leaned back" position when some force is moving and controlling his fingers and eyes are not necessary.