28 June 2009

Sinéad O'Connor

Sinéad O'Connor - one 2 one mini session for 3 minutes in a hotel in Ljubljana before her concert in Križanke. She is very quiet, but altough she suffered a lot in her career still sings beautifull and i loved the concert.

26 June 2009

Gipsy Queen and her hands

Had lots of fun shooting at Esma Redžepova concert in Križanke few days ago. Inspired by the fact that during a mini photo session in backstage she asked me to bring her(mostly golden) rings, so she can put them on for the photos (actually a lot of them and all of them quite heavy), i decided to follow her hand trough the concert...pretty fun actually, especially if you can shoot the whole set and do this after you're done with what you actually need.

17 June 2009

Slipknot in Zagreb - and more masked musicians

Ok, let's continue where i stopped back in March. I am still here, happy as always and working as normal (altough i had been stopped by two police officers that jumped around the corner in downtown Ljubljana just yesterday and saw me with my iPhone, they are probably not Apple fans i guess ;) ) I have been a bit lazy blogger lately, i admit, but things have been busy with regular photo jobs all over, and as the summer concert heat is here hopefully late summer nights will be cold enough to post some more stuff and get back the tempo of posting more regulary.

Anway, last post showed Lordi, this one shows Slipknot. Their common thing is they're both masked and perform really cool. Zagreb hosted Slipknot just this night and altough the music they play is not my personal favourite it was pretty cool to see the show. Great one, indeed. Metal fans were all up and head banging all over. Great warm up for MetalCamp :) Here are some shots. Enjoy and thank for reading this little blog of mine :)

(yeah - i know phone-and-drive is dangerous and learned the lesson, will be using bluetooth headset from now on)