30 September 2008

The Dark Side of The Light - Iggy Pop and the Stooges in Ljubljana

After two very bright concerts last week a dark one followed. Iggy Pop came to Ljubljana after few years of absence, with The Stooges. Lots of photographers, more than 20, and so little space and even less light for everyone to catch. I knew he doesn't like strobes or bright spots, but this conditions were almost impossible to take a picture (flash was not allowed) I don't know why are they doing it. I saw images from shows in London and elsewhere and light there was completely normal. I often ask myself, in such conditions, if because we're living in a small country like Slovenia this means we will get less from big name artists? Are we some kind of "shareware" for them in terms of show production? Otherwise concert was loud, energetic, Iggy kept running like crazy, jumping all over place. Sound followed the conditions. Very loud and trashy. Amazingly how much energy this man still carries with him. Hopefully, he comes back soon with more light :)

25 September 2008

Coldplay in Vienna

So, this was a week to remember. For several reasons. But the most importaint one was two great concerts in two days. Following Madonna, i came back to Vienna to shoot Coldplay in Stadthalle. I have never been in this hall before, and it is just amazing. Huge, packed with 15.000 people. Coldplay rocked like i never imagined. Their music seems more intimate on CDs but when they play, it comes alive big time and they really go super loud.

For us, it was the normal procedure, 3 songs, again some limitations. We were only allowed to stay next to left hand stage extension. This meant no moving as there was no place to go anywhere. Time flies, especially when singer like Chris Martin jumps like crazy, runs and turns all over the place. At the very end of the third song, he and Jonny Buckland, the quitar player came right at the end of the extension. Briefly, but i couldn't go at the end of the extension to get the ideal position. Sometimes this happens and it is not a good feeling, but it also means you have to take what you have and make the most out of the position you have. I quickly decided to go down a bit and catch a silhouette of Chris Martin as he felt on his knees. Bang, and it was over and we were out. I managed to get back to enjoy the show and kept my mouth open most of the time. So cool Coldplay!

24 September 2008

Madonna in Vienna

Madonna came to Vienna, Austria. For the first time. It was the first time for me on her concert too, with a camera of course. Here's one shot taken from quite a distance as we were not allowed to get closer to the stage and we had to bring long lenses. Still, Madonna is Madonna and 15 of us allowed to shoot here were quite happy at the end. Anyone been at the show?

22 September 2008

Election day 2008

We all worked hard yesterday shooting elections from 7AM till late night/morning hours. As it looks now, Borut Pahor (Social Democrats) should win. Tight, but it was very tight in his campaign headquaters as we all tried to snap the first moments after the unofficial results were announced. Here is the one i like a lot and it circled around a bit on the wire. Pahor poses with palms together hoping for his victory to be confirmed officially in a week.

17 September 2008

The Dubliners - cheers!

The Dubliners. This Legendary irish band came back to Ljubljana this week. As always great concert and lots of people. Instead of classic stage shots, i decided to post a few moments as seen from the backstage area. Eamon Campbell, great chap and very energetic on stage. He told me he drinks Guiness only when in Ireland and goes for local brew while touring so i captured him during his refresh time on stage. Note, that table for beer and chairs are the only element on stage next to guitars and microphones :) Cheers!

08 September 2008

RBD Rebelde Mania and a week of screaming teenagers

RBD, Rebelde, or a Mexican pop group that made most kids in Slovenia, between 7 and16, totally crazy for a week. Totally means, really totally. Screaming, jumping, trying to get a sight, an autograph or just a touch of their favourite group. I must admit this was interesting to watch and cover. Music was in a second plan this time, altough the show kept 6000+ kids up and jumping for 2 days and 3 concerts. Much has been said and written about this "phenomenon" and i don't remeber seeing something similar lately (with exception of another soap opera tv star arrival several years back). Having a chance to meet the band members and briefly talk to them, they all seemed very down to earth, a bit tired of being on the road but still very open to their fans, loving the publicity, enjoying the atmosphere aroudn them and enjoying the hospitality of our country. Well....time will tell more :) Here are some moments from the show and elsewhere....