31 August 2008

Grand Rock Dog

Sometimes rock festivals invite a new breed of rock stars :) Here's one caught on a red carpet just outside of backstage area :) Fully guarded with "access all areas" pass. He seems quite happy and ready to perform :)

25 August 2008

3rd Annual Little Italy Soprano Competition

So, walking around NYC is always fun, that's why i just love to go back again and again. Altough i said, ok no concerts during this time, i ran into something i couldn't avoid. After eating pizza in Little Italy i heard a loud speaker announcing, just a corner away, that 3rd Annual Little Italy Soprano competition is about to start. Well, i said, i gotta see how this goes. I think 12 soprano ladies came from all over NYC, and what it first seemed like a garage sale style of event turned into a serious competition of some very trained vocalists. They took it very serious and i tought about what one musician has to do to get noticed, even in "classical" music. Later i heard last year winner got noticed and now sings in an opera. Here are some moments....

This one was the loudest one i think...

No street style clothing here, seriously dressed for the event..

... sound on the run? :)

Crowds gathered really quick

24 August 2008

Stuff on stage

Have you ever wondered what kind of things musicians put on their gear while on stage? It is quite interesting to observe all the different things that end on amplifiers, small tables and other gear on stage. This ones are from Vlado Kreslin concert in Krizanke last week.

20 August 2008

The Rolling Stones Project

The Rolling Stones Project guys had only scheduled 3 concerts in Europe. Luckily one of them was in our seaside town of Portoroz. I already posted and wrote a bit from the sound check, and as there are not much things happening concert wise in these days i'll post some images from this event. Being a big Stones fan, and a music shooter, this still keeps me up , especially after watching the new Stones documentary movie by Martin Scorsese - Shine a Light (he recorded two shows in NYC with 16 cameras - amazing). Well you can see 4 of those guys on the images in that movie, as they represent an importaint part of Stones concert musicians team, and are not seen much (except bass player Darryl Jones) much on the big stages Stones will play, as they stand in the background, but you can surely hear them well :)

I am also very happy that i managed to get a group photo of the team just before they hit the stage. Usually musicians will slowly move one by one, and getting them together before the gig might be a problem...To me, such picture makes the concert experience nearly perfect :) Enjoy!

Tim Ries, Bernard Fowler and Darryl Jones

Bernard Fowler

Bernard Fowler

Tim Ries - father of The Rolling Stones Project group

Bernard Fowler (unfortunately Lisa Fischer, his co backvocal singer with the Stones couldn't be there)

Darryl Jones - as always, quietly in the back

The Rolling Stones Project

18 August 2008

The concert hall of all concert halls - Madison Square Garden

Hey folks..i'm back...took some time off and travelled and relaxed a bit. Anyway, as this is a music photography blog, i wanted to show you the (concert) hall of ( concert) halls. Every band or musician that means something played here, one or more than 10 times... The Madison Square Garden in New York City. This building is amazing. First it sits on probably the most busiest train and subway station, the Penn station, and has two huge halls, one over another. Of course they're not only used for concerts but also for all events, from theater to sports (the main hall can host basketball, ice hockey, boxing and probably something else too). They can host two huge events at the same time, in each of these halls, without any problems or interuptions, and the train station below will not interupt anything. I have seen many concert halls, but this one stands out, not only by its size and features, but also with its history and historic moments that happened there. If you're ever in NYC go and have a look. Some snapshots below....