27 March 2008

.. after the show is over ...

Who says backstage is always fun and fancy. No sweat, no glory. These guys have done this thousands of times and they will keep on doing it (a member of Zablujena Generacija pushing his gear out, after the gig...)

24 March 2008

Rockin' Easter Bunnies

Here are some Rockin' Easter bunnies enjoying a performance of Tide, yesterday at NLP. The second picture shows a closeup of what has been happening down there in the crowd :)

21 March 2008

An unusual combination

Ok, most of you have heard, seen or read about it. Big Foot Mama, rockers, did a show during Viktorji 07 awards last week and invited Lojze Slak, folk music legend, and his band to join them on stage. There were reactions on this all over the country, some liked it, some didn't. To me it looks like a fun combination and it seems funny to see two types of music so different merged like this, especially for an occasion like media awards. What do you think about it? Can Rock 'n' roll an dfolk co-exist like this ? Should they or not ? Here are some shots i took from a distance....

18 March 2008

Katie Melua - a vist to Ljubljana

Last weekend was simply amazing. Ok, lots of work, Viktorji event, but the cream was the fact that Katie Melua visited Ljubljana, for 3 days. It was not a private visit, but a promotional one, for a new record and a concert on 27th April. And so she went and gave more than 20 interviews, did TV appearences and radio shows. I was lucky enough to be able to follow and photograph her at several locations and even did a little "photoshoot" with her on Sunday at Ljubljana castle. She's very quiet, just like her music, altough she said several times she's an adrenaline addict, and listening to her greatest hit Nine Million Bycycles, just one meter from here was really cool. Anyway, i managed to get some new shots for my sound check project. It is not everyday that a musician who sold 7,5 million albums allows you to photograph at sound check and performances with no limitations. She did. Thanks Katie :) Here are two shots, one taken at Radio Hit quick sound check before going live and the other, which looks more like a concert shot, was taken at national TV during Hri-bar show sound check.

14 March 2008

60 songs for 60 years from Tomaž Domicelj

Tomaž Domicelj turned 60 years and at the same time turned 40 on Slovenian music scene. To celebrate, he organized a night maraton, a 5 hour long concert of 60 songs of his career, that was transmitted over national radio. At first i only planned to be there for one maybe two hours, but at the end came home early in the morning around 5.30 and watched the whole show. Tomaž played like crazy, pausing for maybe 5 minutes every hour. Shooting during radio shows is usually quite interesting and the microphones seem to pick up every shutter click quite easily (yes, my wish for Canon is to make shutters more silent). Luckily his songs are quite loud and this makes the job easier and less disturbing for the listening audience and technicians working on sound. Here are some moments. Enjoy ...

10 March 2008

Nightwish, wish, wush

I am still alive, just kicking all over places and coming home late. Work, work, work, some skiing for few days to relax a bit and leave camera at home, and so , here we go again. Anyway, it looks like concert season is starting again. The first ones to kick the ground of Hala Tivoli in Ljubljana were Nightwish from Finland.