25 October 2007

Exhibition opening - what an evening

Well, i have been quiet lately and it was simply due to all the work and exhibition preparations. Finally, yesterday everything turned out great and soooooo many people came. Thanks to everyone for coming and making this such a great evening! I hope everyone hada great time, I am still full of adrenalin.

Those of you that migth have missed te opening or would like to see the pictures, feel free to drop at Luwigana (it is open daily daily from 16.00 to 20.00 and from 9.00 to 12.00 om Saturday ). Anyway, here's a short video i made during soundcheck of Rattlesnake and Hamo some two hours before opening.

And in addition to soundcheck, here's a complete video of the official happening for those of you who missed it :)

Čarli TV report:

19 October 2007

Peter Lovšin or Pankrti are back!

Peter Lovšin, our punk legend, at opening of retrospective exhibition that marks 30 years of Pankrti group and their first concert. The display has some wonderfull pictures, that really show those spectacular moments of this band in the past. I followed Pero trough the evening and here are some moments. You'll be able to listen and see Pankrti again, live, on December 1st in Hala Tivoli. I will be there for sure...

17 October 2007


Neisha released her second CD titled "nor je ta svet" and organized a short promotional concert for the press. I came a bit earlier and did a few shots while she was still doing a sound check with her band. Watching sound checks is always nice, i like it a lot. Musicians are not yet in their full "stage" mode and sometimes this causes slightly different views to the camera and a nice inside view on how an artist prepares for their job.

(this one is taken during the show)

16 October 2007

Vabilo - invitation

(click for a bigger view)

14 October 2007

Riblja Čorba

Riblja Čorba finished my crazy week on Friday. I have never seen them live before and i had high expectations for this gig. It was also very special as Bora had broken his leg just days before and, as he said, has been crazy enough to do the gig with the plaster on his leg. He might have been seating in his chair, but he was flying all over that seat. Full of energy, and no sign of any problems below the plaster. Great one!

Tony Hadley - ex. Spandau Ballet

Back in 80s a band with a name Spandau Ballet was all over music scene with their Trough the Barricades, Gold, True and some other songs. Them and Duran Duran were the biggest names at that time. Unfortunately for Spandau they didn't last too long and had hard time making it trough the barricades of other music, bands and changes. However, the voice of Spandau came to Ljubljana last week. Tony Hadley did a concert, not visited too well, in Union hotel concert hall. The voice of this man is still strong and it was nice to hear those very familiar songs. I had a chance to meet Tony a day before, for an interview, which turned out to be a very nice chat about everything. Tony is also a photographer, on the picture below, he shows the cover of his latest album which he did by himself as he was not satisfied with what one of the photographers he hired did. Here are some snapshots from the evening....

Bryan Ferry

It has been one of the craziest weeks lately. Wednesday was reserved for Bryan Ferry. Legend came to Ljubljana, did a press conference and a show one day later. To our amusement we were allowed to photograph not only the usual 3 songs, but a full concert. Very cool. Something that does not happen with big names at all and the adrenaline lasted all the time. And it was only Wednesday - more to follow :)

12 October 2007

I was told mine is too big - Muse

Strange things happen from time to time. A very funny one happened on tuesday in Zagreb after the concert of Muse (for those of you not familiar, it is a progressive/alternative rock band from UK who recently sold out Wembley stadium twice = 160.000 people, very popular and good) . We were waiting outside for the band to come out to the street and sign for the fans. I had a plan to get some good portraits of the guys during their meetings with the fans as there were no meet and greets or interviews possible before. Well after one hour of waiting and getting a bit cold they finally came, one by one, and i started taking pictures. Of course i was using my 580 EX flash and suddenly the big security guy from the band comes and tells me i am not allowed to take pictures there, as my flash is too big and that i should go away? WTF!!! He did not care about 100 or so fans with compact cameras flashing like crazy, but my flash was too big for him. Not really professional! But it happens. Strange world of rock stars that is.....Anyway, the concert was ok, we had fun and here are some pics from the stage. Note an interesting addition to Matthews guitar which really does weird sound effects.

08 October 2007

The Brandos - big band in a small basement

I got a call from Ernie who plays in an American rock band The Brandos. Not known in this part of the world, a band that plays solid rock music and has been touring and playing for more than 20 years. Their music could be described similar to CCR in some cases. They were on tour with Inxs and warmed up for Bryan Adams, Van Morrison, DeepPurple, ... Well they just started their next tour and decided to practice in Ernie's basement for two weeks. I was lucky to be invited to watch them and take some pictures during their practice session in Ernie's basement in Naklo (yes, he lives in Slovenia for many years now). It was fun and i got a good warm up for the Orto concert which officially started the tour. Here are some pics i took during their intense practice session.

07 October 2007

Al and The Black Cats - flying rockabillys

Orto was full of Rockabillys when Al and The Black Cats came. An explosive Rockabilly band from USA which almost caused Orto to explode and the "Hell Yeah" (which they love to hear from the crowd) could be heard all the time. This had to be one of the best stage shows lately, and those kids were really flying all over the place and even off stage every now and then. So energetic! I was shooting all the time and i would love to see them again.

06 October 2007

Siddharta maraton

54 songs, 5 hours of playing, more than 50 photographers in first moments and very fun night to work. Here are some moments from stage & backstage happening.

01 October 2007