02 November 2009

To the top with ZZ Top

Hey folks. Lots of happening lately, more to come, but i just wanted to share a few pics of recent event we had in Ljubljana, where after few years the two longest beards in r'n'r known as ZZ Top played for us. It has been the concert i wanted to shoot for a while and i haven't had a chance to catch with them before. Texas guys were very friendly and what happened to prove this doesn't usually happen. We were hangin' outside the hall, just waiting for somebody from the band to come to their tour buses (each ZZ Top member has its own bus, and they are nice on the inside, it is their home for months) and they invited us, a bunch of press, to come inside for unscheduled short interviews and photo op. This really doesn't happen with such bands and you can imagine our happy faces when Billy Gibbons came, said hello, looked around the room we were in and asked us to go to his dressing room where the wall was nicer for cleaner images (actually it was sea blue). Billy then asked bass player Dusty Hill (the second man with a beard) to pose with him, not scheduled too, and we got a few moments of their attention while not being chased away by security. Made my day. Of course we then let our TV colleagues to do their few minutes and enjoyed looking those interviews too. As such moments are so rare in today's show biz i kept smiling for few days :)