13 August 2009

U2 in Zagreb and more ...

Ok, so the biggest summer event in this part of the world was no doubt the U2 concert in Zagreb. All the music photogs (and many many others) wanted to be there but the space , as always, was pretty limited and those of us who made it into the list were all very happy to be there and be able to work. I knew from following the results of previous shows and seeing one in Dublin that it is not too hard, but that the light is very specific and changes a lot and overexposure is a common disease in U2 360 photos on this tour.

We got 3 songs in the pit where we could move, while the second group was taken way back and shot from quite a distance, but got a nice opportunity to get stage shots and some cool band shots. Not much else to say but the fact it was really cool and being able to work both concerts there gave me quite some minutes with the U2, not to mention my meeting with Larry after the Sunday show. The highlight however, that has nothing to do with concert was the fact that on the way back my car broke in the middle of Zagreb and the whole stadium of cars behind me. It has been a nie ride back home on a tow truck :) Anyway, altough i prefer indoor concerts for various reasons U2 have done it great and the amount of work tour staff has to put into this show must really be big. Just looking at the tour book staff list makes you think and then when you add the hard working local staff, imagine ... Pretty cool. Anyway, here are some pictures i made during two days in Zagreb. If anyone from U2 reads this , next time it would be nice to be on stage for at least 120 seconds :)

09 August 2009


Later today, more music from U2. This time just two hours away in Zagreb, while the below was taken in Dublin two weeks ago..who says august can't be cool :)