06 November 2007


I've worked with TABU, a pop rock group from Slovenia, several times very sucessfully. We actually met just after their big concert in Hala Tivoli some years ago, but recently they went trough some changes and introduced new singer Tina who replaced Nina (btw, check her blog here).

Their current single which is getting lots of airplay Cloud for two (Oblak za dva) had to be visualised and they did it on Sunday in the concert halll of the old and abandoned Rog factory. Altough there were plenty of lights it was still quite cold. We did some group shots very quickly which will be seen soon in different publications and i shot some scenes from the making of video. As always working with them is very cool and fun. Especially when some special effect scenes were done. I will not tell you much about it, other than the whole team on site was having lots of fun catching Maco the guitar player flying around the place. I left just after that and they worked untill 3am i beleive....Here are a couple moments...Video is supposed to be out aroudn the end ov month....


crt said...

dobre fotke

crt said...

btw: Nova pevka je sodelovala z nami(skupina fish'n'chips)in Majo Slatinšek v oddaji NOD.
link: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=252458067

super vokal