05 April 2008

Majke - Sound Check

It has been extremely busy lately and this is the reason for less posts as usual. Concerts are in full swing all over the small clubs (still no big ones, but there are some nice names booked as i hear) and also some nice opportunities for new additions to my sound check project. Recently, legendary croatian band Majke came to Cvetličarna club and i managed to get there during the sound check time and shoot some new additions to my sound check project. At the time of my shooting, lead singer Bare was not present on stage, as he was not in a good mood. He came there later, but i was asked not to shoot while he is there. Those of you knowing this band will understand, for others - sometimes rock stars can be sort of a special charachters :)
Also, i played a bit with the tool i have been using a lot lately, the Adobe Lightroom. I like it a lot, finally got used to its easy workflow and quick selection ability. The only light present at the time was more or less working light on stage and some fog to obstruct that little light i got. Here are some shots..enjoy!


Gregor Harih said...

Glede na to, da je šlo samo za soundcheck si nardil super fotke. Majke pa so tudi Majke.

Foto Rocker said...


Tule je bilo res bolj malo časa na voljo...pa tudi, nekako delam te soundchecke bolj na kratko..nočem tam cel čas skakat..lovim neke drugačne momente, kot na koncertu..

Anonymous said...

Sam res! Super uporaba svetlobe v sicer normalnih okoliščinah. The best.

Petra Nuzdorfer said...

ful luštne fotke... ful so mi všeč tako barve kot postavitve ;)