25 August 2008

3rd Annual Little Italy Soprano Competition

So, walking around NYC is always fun, that's why i just love to go back again and again. Altough i said, ok no concerts during this time, i ran into something i couldn't avoid. After eating pizza in Little Italy i heard a loud speaker announcing, just a corner away, that 3rd Annual Little Italy Soprano competition is about to start. Well, i said, i gotta see how this goes. I think 12 soprano ladies came from all over NYC, and what it first seemed like a garage sale style of event turned into a serious competition of some very trained vocalists. They took it very serious and i tought about what one musician has to do to get noticed, even in "classical" music. Later i heard last year winner got noticed and now sings in an opera. Here are some moments....

This one was the loudest one i think...

No street style clothing here, seriously dressed for the event..

... sound on the run? :)

Crowds gathered really quick

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