25 September 2008

Coldplay in Vienna

So, this was a week to remember. For several reasons. But the most importaint one was two great concerts in two days. Following Madonna, i came back to Vienna to shoot Coldplay in Stadthalle. I have never been in this hall before, and it is just amazing. Huge, packed with 15.000 people. Coldplay rocked like i never imagined. Their music seems more intimate on CDs but when they play, it comes alive big time and they really go super loud.

For us, it was the normal procedure, 3 songs, again some limitations. We were only allowed to stay next to left hand stage extension. This meant no moving as there was no place to go anywhere. Time flies, especially when singer like Chris Martin jumps like crazy, runs and turns all over the place. At the very end of the third song, he and Jonny Buckland, the quitar player came right at the end of the extension. Briefly, but i couldn't go at the end of the extension to get the ideal position. Sometimes this happens and it is not a good feeling, but it also means you have to take what you have and make the most out of the position you have. I quickly decided to go down a bit and catch a silhouette of Chris Martin as he felt on his knees. Bang, and it was over and we were out. I managed to get back to enjoy the show and kept my mouth open most of the time. So cool Coldplay!


Anonymous said...

Bil je čist nor koncert, fotke so pa sploh super :)

Mju said...

Super fotke, energija kar seka iz njih.