18 January 2009

Psycho Path - the last gig

Slovenian band Psycho Path had their last gig. No more Psycho Path. I never was their biggest fan, but loved their music (they describe themself as Sexy, heavy, sonic indie rock band from Slovenia) when i had a chance to hear it and take pictures. Their singer Melée is usually in another world when on stage and her performance is cool to listen and watch. It was the same in SubSub club last week during their gig where all former band members joined them too. I never shot the last gig of one band before, but i don't think this is the last gig, they'll be back, fans want it. Here are some moments and their last group shot after stage was empty. So long PP!

1 comment:

Barbara said...

oh, the third pic is amazing!!! So much energy!!!!