01 July 2009

Simply Red - Ljubljana - The Last Time

Simply Red visited Ljubljana third time in their 25 year history. If Mick Hucknall doesn't change his mind, this was the last time too, as his plan is to retire Simply Red brand and work on other music and solo projects. Whatever happens, i will remember them in a positive light. The concert we shot in Hala Tivoli was pretty cool, and our positions for shooting first two songs were quite nice to - not below the stage, but on the stage. This is a very rare place to shoot on big shows with world names..(it only happened to me once with Robert Plant , but even that was on stage but waaay back from the edge of stage).

I knew Mick holds his microphone with his left hand and the mic wire stays in his right hand most of the time, so my position wish was stage right..to get him open...This is why it is importaint to prepare for such events in every manner and chances for great pictures will be better. Anyway, we were there for two songs and altough Mick looked at public most of the time, there were a couple of moments when he came like one meter away from my position. I could actually giv him Hi 5 , that close..and as you can see below this provided an excellent opportunity for nice picture from an unusual angle. I loved the cold beer after we finished with the business and enjoyed the performance too.

Hey Miro, i can see you :)


gregac said...

great pictures and thanks for tips. are you planning to host any workshop or lecture on concert potography, like you did in 2008?

Petra Nuzdorfer said...

tretja naravnost čudovita =)

Jure M. said...

very interesting. :)

shooting from the stage. must be quite an experience. ;)

but his looks surprised me a little - on other pictures, he doesn't seem so old ... :p

Foto Rocker said...

Everyone is getting older Jure :)

@gregac - not sure yet, if there is some demand i might organize something.

gregac said...

thanks for your anwser