08 February 2008

Most popular position singers take on stage?

I often observe the singers behaviour on stage, how they interact with the crowd, the band, sound engineers, photographers etc, you know, little details like hand movements, how they look at the set list, how they give signals to stop the song to the band, etc...so many details to watch. I can say you can see lots of interesting things up there. I travelled to do an assignment in Zagreb yesterday to photo the concert in memory of legendary croatian songwriter/composer Đorđe Novković. More than 20 popular ex-Yu singers attented and played his songs, from Severina, Danijela, Žejko Bebek, Kemal Monteno, Toni Cetinski, Petar Grašo, Vlado Kalember, Jasna Zlokić, Mišo Kovač and others. Looking at the pictures today, i quickly noticed probably the most popular position most of them took on stage. Can you guess which one it is by looking at the pictures below?

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tjasulja said...

zagrli me neeeeeznooooo....
BTW, kje lahko vidm fotke iz petkovega koncerta v CD?