05 February 2008

On Stage with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Well i never tought my Vienna Philharmonic orchestra story wil continue. But it did. They say this is the world No #1 philharmonic orchestra. Hungarian conductor Iván Fischer and them came to Ljubljana to play in Cankarjev dom. I tought this might be an excellent opportunity to continue work on my sound check project and it turned out it was. During the rehearsals i was allowed on stage, below stage, above the stage , basically anywhere for quite a while. I am not much of classic music listener, but listening to this orchestra and being with them on stage (i took an empty seat of one orchestra violin member) and shoot from his position for a while) is simply cool. The stage area is very accoustic and therefore every shutter click is heard all over the place and the wooden construction sound shell behind the orchestra is even louder if you walk around. I couught myself listening to them instead of shooting quite a few times :) Amazing experience which almost got ruined by my card reader, that somehow corrupted the images on card to become sliced in a weird pattern, while thumbnails were ok (anyone with this problem?) . I managed to rescue the thing by connecting the usb cable directly to my camera and transferring the images manually from there. Anyway, another cool sound check project fisnished :) Enjoy some images...

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