07 May 2008

Garfield and The Cats

This week started unexpectedly good when i heard that an interesting group is coming to Ljubljana to do a small gig. David Garfield and The Cats. Ok, name doesn't tell you much, probably, but if you go into details and see that a guitar player has been playing with Madonna, the singer has been known as The singer in the band of Carlos Santana for 18 years, and that the keys are in the hands of man working with George Benson, Diane Reeves, Cher, Eros Ramazzotti this can tell you what to expect. It all happened in a little known Sputnik bar, but when i came in i quickly noticed like that 2/3rd of the public present were musicians. The gig was simply amazing, altough the music is an interesting fusion of pop, jazz, rock and who knows what else, which can sound too jazzy for my taste. But still, this concert comes to my top ten list of such club shows. Cool stuff and one of those concerts where listening and enjoying the music takes over priority over photographing.


david santos said...

Excellent post and very nice photos.
Thank you.

Jimi said...

It was amazing!
Thank you for photos!:-)
Cheers, Jimi