15 May 2008

Indexi ... and a new open air season starts

Time flies, very fast. Open air season is here again, and for me it started with an assignment to cover the Indexi and friends concert in most beautifull Križanke open air theatre in Ljubljana. Those of you not familiar, Indexi, were a very popular group in 80s in this region. They came back with 15 or so guest starts, all ex-you big names, and following them on a sound check was really cool, relaxed and somehow inspiring just by listening all the stories they kept telling to each other during the afternoon. Working on stage this time was not as hard as smaller clubs, but still pretty different then anything else, because some didn't want me too close to them, some turned away, well some of them oven wanted to strike a pose or two , but i try to catch them in a natural behaviour. Here are some moments from the late afternoon sound check.

Željko Bebek with a cup of waiting for his sound check before Indexi sign in the back

Fadil Redžić - legendary Indexi bass player talking to sound engineer from stage

Aki Rahimovski and Janez Bončina Benč jamming on piano (they were playing Child in Time by Deep Purple actually)

... and Massimo Savić joined in on a Fender Stratocaster guitar, i haven't seen him like this before ..

Benč and Dado Topić on a side stage position jammin something up while waiting - two huge legends

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