27 October 2008

The Queen

I am still here, just busy. Last week has been quite crazy with following the Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Slovenia. As always, protocol was tight and not much access was given to those outside assigned pools, except during her Ljubljana walk between the crowds. I was lucky to get a few pools, and was able to capture some nice shots all over. Watching the Queen just few feet away during state dinner at Brdo was also interesting and altough 60 guests came to greet her i managed to take few moments just to observe. They ended quickly as i was there to work not observe. Well an interesting experience and if compared to GW Bush visit earlier this year, so much more relaxed as there were no military in the fields around airport, no snipers on top of buildings etc. I will also remember this visit as i had bday on 22nd and it is not often that the Queen of England is in front of you on "your " day :) Now back to normal life :)


B5 said...

you lucky bastard!
I didn't had a right to photograph!
Next time :-)

Foto Rocker said...

I was quite lucky too, but it was an interesting experience overall :)