30 November 2008

Alice Cooper - Munich

Shoting concerts is so cool. Especially when things turn out ideally. Alice Cooper and Whitesnake played in Munich. Everything normal, except the fact that the organizers told us that we can shoot Cooper 4 songs with a flash...this usually rings a few bells in photographers head, as nobody would want to use it on such a concert. Even if there was not light, they wouldn't want us to have a picture (like Marlyn Manson did ) anyway and would not allow flash. Luckily Whitesnake played before Cooper and we could see some good light there and this meant some hope for the main act that night. You never know. I was a bit nervous, but as soon as we arrived into the pit and saw the show start i unscrewed my flash off (not to disturb anyone, more on this in next post) and started workin'. It turned out great and even due to the fact that Cooper looks pretty scary everything worked beautifull. This was the day one of my crazy mid-week-concert-workout-around-Germany-and Austria :) Here's some stuff!


Petra Nuzdorfer said...

noro dobre fotke!!

Dax said...

Hude fotke!
Si me pa spomnil na fleš! A sem ga jaz vzel dol a ne? Mislim da, nisem pa ziher. Se kaj spomniš? Jaz sem tolk not padu, da sploh ne vem, full pa ne maram druge fotografe motit (tud če oni mene, hahaha, tko kot un... saj boš ziher fotko objavu, hehe...).
Koncert pa ubijalski. :))

Foto Rocker said...

Thanks Petra!

Dax: Nevem za flash, sam ce prav vidim zdajle na fotkah, ga nimas gor :)

coldethyl said...

the photos r great!

Gregor said...

Vidim, da ga ata še vedno zažiga... :)