01 December 2008

Whitesnake and one more thing not to do on concerts

So Whitesnake played before Alice Cooper last week in Munich. I had taken photos of them before, but David Coverdale is always an interesting subject to take pictures. I am posting some of that, but i want to talk about the last one.

It tells the story pretty much by itself. This is something i don't like seeing when i work. Some people just don't care that there are like 5 other photographers behind them and they simply raise their hands up like this and shoot, without loking back to see if they interrupt anyone. Not really nice, and usually the result is not as good as they think. Well i saw this guy doing it several times before and had my wide lens mounted and decided to catch this moment a bit differently.


izo said...

nikonaš, kaj pa drugega, hehe.

Klemen said...

Ahaha, Izo, točno to sem hotel tudi sam napisati - "Nevzgojeni Nikonaš"

Jure said...

hja, sam ... hočeš nočeš si pa zarad tega dobil res hudo fotko ... ;)