08 October 2007

The Brandos - big band in a small basement

I got a call from Ernie who plays in an American rock band The Brandos. Not known in this part of the world, a band that plays solid rock music and has been touring and playing for more than 20 years. Their music could be described similar to CCR in some cases. They were on tour with Inxs and warmed up for Bryan Adams, Van Morrison, DeepPurple, ... Well they just started their next tour and decided to practice in Ernie's basement for two weeks. I was lucky to be invited to watch them and take some pictures during their practice session in Ernie's basement in Naklo (yes, he lives in Slovenia for many years now). It was fun and i got a good warm up for the Orto concert which officially started the tour. Here are some pics i took during their intense practice session.

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