14 October 2007

Tony Hadley - ex. Spandau Ballet

Back in 80s a band with a name Spandau Ballet was all over music scene with their Trough the Barricades, Gold, True and some other songs. Them and Duran Duran were the biggest names at that time. Unfortunately for Spandau they didn't last too long and had hard time making it trough the barricades of other music, bands and changes. However, the voice of Spandau came to Ljubljana last week. Tony Hadley did a concert, not visited too well, in Union hotel concert hall. The voice of this man is still strong and it was nice to hear those very familiar songs. I had a chance to meet Tony a day before, for an interview, which turned out to be a very nice chat about everything. Tony is also a photographer, on the picture below, he shows the cover of his latest album which he did by himself as he was not satisfied with what one of the photographers he hired did. Here are some snapshots from the evening....

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