31 December 2007

Unusuall end of 2007 or Fotorocker goes classical

And now to something completely different. I had a chance to go to Vienna and take pictures of the first New Year concert of Vienna Philharmonic orchestra. For me this was quite a big change as i have not done much photography like this before and getting the photo pass was not an easy job also. Of course, this concert is famous all over the world, and tickets are given on sale to randomly selected 1000 people while thoushands of others are waiting for next year. I was only allowed to take pictures during the last encore, from quite a distance and on that spot only. Radetzky Marsch where spectators are joining the orchestra and concuctor Georges Prêtre, to applause, is traditionally the last peice on this concert and probably the loudest one.

Anyway, i wanted to finish the last post on this blog for 2007, which, for me, was a very sucessfull year. I would like to thank all of you that are reading my blog for coming back, reading my posts,watching the pictures, writing comments.

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and lots of good music :) Rock on!


Gregor Harih said...

Tud to je treba. :)
Drugače pa tudi tebi uspešno in zdravo 2008.

Darja said...

Wow... Fotkal tisto o čemer sanjam, da bi nekoč poslušala. Sanjsko...