15 December 2008

Easy Livin' with Uriah Heep in Ljubljana

Finally a true rock band in our little town. Uriah Heep ended their 2008 tour right here in Ljubljana. Not so many visitors but great gig and fans all over the hall. I love this type of shows as the band was really relaxed from song one untill the end. They seemed to have enjoyed it really big time. And one more thing happened that i never photographed before, a guitar player in a rock band wore Crocs plastic blue "shoes". Usually it is all black down there or snake skin covered..this was quite funny. I guess there must be a reason for doing so..and i know Crocs are really comfortable too :) I really enjoyed this concert and it served as a big contrast of my assignment a day before, when more pop type artist filled up the big hall right next door. I am also happy with pictures and those cool moments in backstage that don't happen that often with original rock bands that actually started before i was born. So cool!

... see the shining cross ? This pic made my day!

Here's one group shot for Miro - Uriah Heep, 13. december 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Petra said...

madonca dobiš lepe barve vn... slike ful obdelaš al takšno barvo dobiš ven že ko slikaš? Lepo lepo

Foto Rocker said...

Petra, obdelava minimalna...tule se mi zdi, da je bila luč res ok, tudi kontrastno je bilo...zato se je dalo super naredit..

Janez Pelko said...

Spet si vrhunsko naredil!
Vedi, da te zelo cenim ivelikokrat grem gledat tvoje fotek. Le premalokrat te pohvalim...
Veliko prijetnega rokenrola vseh sort tudi v letu 2009!

Janez Pelko said...

Ah, moje tipkanje :)
Upam, da si razumel :)

Bodi zelo!

Foto Rocker said...

hehe, hvala Janez!

Good to hear that!

Enako tudi tebi, all the best v novem letu pa se vidimo , če ne prej, spet pod kakšnim odrom :)