22 December 2008

On stage with ex Bijelo Dugme singers

Another great night in Tivoli. This time no screaming teenagers, but a few thousand screaming lovers of ex you-rock group Bijelo Dugme. 3 of their legendary singers (goran Bregović is not cooperating in this project) joined forces and created an event where they sing all the known songs and make halls go crazy. It was no different this time, and lots of emotion in the hall. Great night, great work conditions and again some stage shots. At first i didn't plan to be there at all, but it turned out it is possible so why not :) It is always nice to get a photo with artists loking at you and screaming fans in the back..it is just so cool :)

Mladen Vojičić - Tifa, Željko Bebek and Alen Islamović posing for me :)

Alen Islamović

Željko Bebek in his typical white dress

Tifa and the lights ...

.. the end ...very loud and crazy..


Darja said...

Znova čisto amazing fotke.

Foto Rocker said...

hej Darja..thanks!

Tebe pa že dolg nisem nič srečal z aparatom okoli vratu..no sej se kej vidmo pa kakšno rečeva :)

markopigac said...

zamolcal si, da smo na stejdzu prebili vsaj 5 komadov in nismo bili placani za petje backov.. :)

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this was a awesome event, this three legend of the music, sharing a stage, oh boy1 I never that I could see something like this.

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