03 December 2007

And now something completely different - 50 Cent in Ljubljana

Weekend ended up with a 3 hour wait for 50 Cent to appear in Ljubljana with his G Unit. Around 00.30 about 20 or so deeply frozen photographers were asked to move away from red carpet and a huge van parked in front of us while 50 went out, heavily guarded, into the VIP lounge to "party". We were not allowed (a few very big guys were looking at us very ugly) to go in there to take a few decent pictures. Most of us managed to get a few snapshots of the star as he came in front of the crowd and and did one of his songs. I guess for them this was a good party, for us this was more or less a fight to bring back some good images. Here's one taken from quite a distance.


Gregor Harih said...

Kako veš kako eliten je gost? Toliko, koliko ga je potrebno čakati... :)))))

Foto Rocker said...

Jah , nevem...morda res..ni problem v čakanju..to človek še požre, hujše je to, da potem kljub pričakovanjem ne moreš naredit nič uporabnega, ker ti kombi parkirajo pred objektivom :)