12 December 2007

Pankrti - sound check in Novi Sad

Novi Sad was our second stop on this leg of the tour. The Trema club, which is actually a space before the main hall of the Serbian National Theatre, takes about 600 people and it was full. As i already mentioned, to me, Novi Sad gig was the best one. The stage was very close to the public, sound was excellent and the band in a good mood. The following video shows two songs Pankrti did at the sound check Za železno zaveso and Dancing Barefoot, preformed by guest quitarist on this tour, Ivan Král.

There is a funny story behind this sound check and my photo bag. Ivan forgot his guitar belt in a tour bus and we were in a hurry to get the sound check done and had no time to go and pick it up. So, the only thing similar to the belt was my camera bag belt. Good improvization. See the picture below :)

Here's Ivan with the belt :)

And just to show you what happened later as the public went mad, here's a shot from stage with Pero and crowd in the back.

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