24 December 2007

Magnifico - Grande Finale in Ljubljana - sound check

After the 100.000 copies of his latest album Grande Finale were given for free to the readers of Delo, earlier this month, little less fans filled up the Hala Tivoli for his concert. This time sound check was a bit late, but still fun and interesting to watch. Magnifico, Rambo Amadeus and crew were doing their best to get the sound as good as possible, for themselves on stage and for the audience. Rambo joined Magnifico for two songs, and a part of sound check was devoted (well, a minute or two) to teach Rambo how to dance "kolo" dance, for the "Hir aj kom and hir i go" performance. Fun :) Here are a couple of moments from earlier today. Enjoy!


Marko said...

Vidim, da zdaj kr redno zahajaš na tonske in maš potem tudi kr nekaj drugačnih fotk kot ponavadi ;-)
Dejmo še kako s koncerta zdej pokazat!

Lp marko

Anonymous said...

Hir hi kams, hiri he gous ;)