12 July 2008

Chuck Berry - The Prime Minister of Rock 'n' Roll

Chuck Berry, the legend, came to Opatija, Croatia. This legendary man, 82 years of age, who influenced so many generations of musicians all over the world, was playing two hours from where i live. A show you wouldn't want to miss for any reason. Altough i have seen and photographed him before, this time the gig was outside in an open theatre and some great musicians played before he hit the stage (Djuro and Blow Up, Neno Belan, Tommy Emanuel).

I managed to get backstage, of course wishing to get some pictures of him, but i soon realized this will be a no go, as his crew politely asked me not to photograph. Chuck is known to be very unpredictable, so i just quietly stayed a few feet away as he walked by to inspect the stage before the gig. I even said hello and got a wave back from him. He didn't say anything, but all of us in the backstage at that moment respect this man so much that no words were needed to express the feeling after seeing him :) So cool :) He played for about an hour together with his daughter Ingrid and son, Charles "Chuck" Berry jr. After the show Berry was known to drive a Mercedes by himself everytime, but we didn't see this in Opatija as he sat at the back the car and smiled. What a day that was :) Thank you Chuck Berry! Some shots and a video i made during the show with girs dancing on stage next to Chuck. Enjoy!

Together with his son - Charles "Chuck" Berry junior

Video of Chuck Berry performing the song Carol


Luka said...

Dobro poje.

fotoholik said...

Sam Chuck je pa res taprav foter. Respect! Škoda, če bi prej vedel tole...