21 July 2008

Sound Check - Darryl Jones - The Rolling Stones Project

Just about the same time last year my head was already exploding from my first Stones photographing experience in Belgrade and i was preparing for second one in Brno. This year Stones came to Slovenia, well not all of them and not the Stones, but guys who play with them on stage, a sort of concert members for them (Darryl Jones on bass, Tim Ries on saxophone, Michael Davis on trombone and less known but excellent guitar player Frederick Favarell and drummer Marc Miralta). Joined under the name of The Rolling Stones Project, trough leadership of sax player Tim Ries, they visited our seaside town of Portoroz. Music they play is known to all, Stones classics, but not in the usuall way but in a special jazz arrangements. Very interesting and cool to listen, a bit different. They really seem to be enjoying this a lot.

Of course this was an excellent opportunity for me to do some new sound check project images and it turned out quite nicely. I will do this in few parts starting with Darryl Jones, who many consider as the fifth member of the Stones as he has been playing with them ever since the departure of Bill Wyman in 1993. Darryl played with Miles Davis, Sting, Eric Claption Peter Gabriel, Madonna and many more and now for 15 years with Stones. I did not go on stage this time during sound check, but did some shots from the usual position and they listened them play. I also presented Mr. Jones with one of my images taken during the Stones Brno show last year and he really liked it. So cool :)

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