05 July 2008

The Green Beast Back in Action - Status Quo in Ljubljana

After 4 years Status Quo were back in our little country. This time no festival, but solo gig in Ljubljana. I was looking forward to this a lot. Old readers of my blog will probably remember the post i made last year about green Fender Telecaster played by Francis Rossi. The green beast or beauty is still with him and Rockin' all over the world. If i remebered Quo as very accessible the last time, this feeling stays, as you could see Francis walking around tour buses and talking with crew before the gig, and some lucky fans even got a photo opportunity. After the show guys ran out pretty fast all dressed in blue bathrobes with their names engraved, but still very open taking pictures with few fans waiting, even talking to us. A bit of after show English humor came out from keyboad player Andrew Bown saying he remembered me before the show by my elbows?!? ( i was sitting on stairs next to backstage) They were off to Budapest and Rhino came out to call Andrew that he should board the bus. Concert was great, Quo are always fun to watch and take pictures of course. Untill next time Quo!

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Darja said...

No, to je to... Ko bom velika bom tudi jaz znala... (ali pa ne)... :) Ful fajne fotke. Jasno!