09 July 2008

Status Quo - again

Status Quo played in Graz, inside Orpheum, an old theatre now widely used for concerts too. The size of the hall (about 500-600 people i think) makes the athmosphere much more intimate and much better to photograph. I love such concerts. This time only 6 photographers were in the pit and this made my job much easier. Shooting the same show for the second time brings some advantages as you know what is happening on stage in terms of band movement, songs, posing etc..This is usually all the same. And it helps, you know the terrain of your work. Even somebody from the band might remeber you if the gigs are close. Here are some shots, a bit different than the ones in first post. BTW, this is the 200th post on this blog - woo hoo :)

The Rockin' Quo

John "Rhino" Edwards with his headless Status 4 string bass - check out his tourlog

Rick Parfitt sings a lot, Francis and Rhino rocking in the back

Another "must have" Quo picture of Rick

Hey you photographer? :)

Rare position of a whole band at the back of the stage


Darja said...

Tista predzadnja je pa v stilu: "Hej, da da te nekaj vprašam... A te nisem že nekje videl?" :)

Anonymous said...

kul! Je pa soooo true, ja, da bi (vsaj jaz) rabu kdaj pa kdaj popravca :)

Jure M. said...

woo hoo! :) hude fotke, hudi momenti.

zanimivo - različni dvorani (Orpheum, Hala Tivli) pa čist isti stage. :)

tam me pa res zanima, kaj je blo tam na predzadnji fotki. :D

ste meli ravno tako samo 3 komade? kako pa to, da vas je bilo samo 6?