11 September 2007

Big Concert - No Lights - Bad Picture - My Experience

I usually only post pictures on this blog that i like for some reason, and not those, that, for some other reason, wouldn't make it anywhere. There are different situations in music photography that will prevent you from doing your work, just like in any other photo branch. Of course, the first problem is the photographer itself, but i would like to speak about the second one. Bad light or no light at all. This is the wicked enemy we all fear and especially during concerts of some big names, where flash is not allowed, most likely this will ruin your day, cause you to stay there for 2 or 3 songs any hoping for a miracle or a shine of light from some distant corner of the hall.

Most often, of course, this will not happen during the time we're allowed to stay in front and work and stage will dramatically lit up just after we'll be gone. I hate when this happens. Here are a couple of shots i made last year during Seal concert in Zagreb. (Yes, this is the one married to Heidi Klum) :)

This concert had it all. First we were hit when they told us that there is no place in front of stage and that we'll be shooting somewhere in the middle of the hall. Ok i can take that. (well some Croatian reporter went mad as nobody told us this will happen in advance and promotor told him, that Seal himself asked this and that he would need to talk to him personally about this). Second hit was the position for shooting, ground floor with no ability to be just those few centimeters above the crowd. Ok at this time i was already ok, so what will be another challenge that day. And it came. Guess what was it? Yes - as the concert started, there was no light we could use, maybe on one or two moments somebody from crowd in first rows had a small compact camera with a little flash, that was all. Well i have to admit, there was no way to take a normal picture at that time.


markopigac said...

Podobn ekspiriens sem imel, ko sem slikal Scottie Pipena pred leti v LJ. Takrat se smrkavec, ki fotoaparat drzi v roki le ob praznikih, ko se vgasujejo svecke na torti. No, in scottie j stal na kamionu, ozadje crno, on temnopolt, spredaj svetloba in rezultat? nista. no, da je gor jordanova desna roka vem le jaz, pa tisti ko so bili tam. drugi bodo pa rekli, just a man in nike uniform.

btw - kaj nisi sekal s flesem iz folka? jas bi 100%, saj je tudi seal bolj temn..

samo said...

Najbrž se s flešem ni smelo, drugače bi že.

Taki koncerti so drugače zame totalno jadni in mi zbijejo voljo v minus. Zato se kar malo distanciram od tega pompa velikih koncertov.

markopigac said...

vem, da je bil fles prepovedan. ampak ne iz publike ;)