07 September 2007

Fotorocker goes electronic

So the time came to do a report on DJ Umek show in Tivoli park. This was more or less a new experience for me, as i usually don't work at such shows and also prefer rock music. Well, we have to do it all and try new things, so i went. It was fun, and i did spend some time on stage with Umek and watched him work, then watched people dancing below, screamin' his name and he just kept them up and dancing, for 6 hours. I was wondering how a rock 'n' roll crowd would look after 6 hours of dancing like that? Cool, but i still prefer guitar riffs :) Oh, i must not forget an excellent company of Lucas, Maja H and Fotoholik in the so-called free food and drink area :)

(this is how your photo bag will look like after it gets a direct hit from a smoke generator on stage)


maja h. said...

:) hvala enako.

fotoholik said...

hehe, same here, z izjemo fuckupa na koncu, grrr... :)

Dolžen si mi pivo. :)

Aj lajk prva fotka.