03 September 2007


Ok, this is a first post i english. I must admit that i got some emails from international visitors asking if i could write it so they could understand and not only watch :)

So, after vacation that took us all the way up to Norway, this is a the first norvegian band in Ljubljana that i rememeber in a while. What a nice way to end the summer :) Taking pictures at the Turbonegro gig was not an easy one, mostly because of very very very low light, lots of smoke on stage and we were not allowed to use flash. As i only knew a couple of songs from this band, watching them after our quick 3 song photo time in front of stage was quite interesting. The crowd went mad pretty fast and front rows were not standing still. Also, this was the first time i did work in this club after the non smoking ban and i must say it is nice not to smell cigarette smoke all over my gear :) Anyway, here's a couple of shots that i selected.


stane c. said...

Ta pa je hud. Direkt za na marmelado. Dobro vzdušje na fotkah

Anonymous said...

1. mi je najbolj vsec.. :)


Matjaz said...

Rocker goes international... ;)

Anonymous said...

http://slave-of-turbonegro.blogspot.com/ IS WATCHING YOU!

Anonymous said...

Great photos!