29 September 2007

Some Rap from Zlatko

It is funny to see how a totally crazy week can end with a new experience. Katja, David and Martin from Street13 team asked me to come and see a promotional concert of Slovenian raper Zlatko. They published his first CD and this was the first night with a new CD in front of the crowd, and my first night photographing a rap musician. Quickly i shoot some portraits of Zlatko for the collection and soon he was on stage. Reactions of front rows of totally full Gala Hala - folks were goin' crazy and showing respect to Zlatko, all hands were up, people were coming on stage to rap along. I spent some time on side of the stage shooting portraits, i didn't want to use flash at that position, and the light was, khm, very alternative - so a new challenge. Overall, it was so much positive energy from the crowd, everybody was there to enjoy and see this man on the microphone. Here's a couple of b/w moments.

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mankica said...

Tale koncert sem hotla it pogledat pa mi nekako ni zneslo.. sicer pa i like BW.