09 September 2007

Even My Grandma Likes Pearl Jam

Well, lots of work to be done later this day, but i'm relaxing with some Pearl Jam music. This ia a good opportunity to show you some shots i did in Zagreb, back in 2006 in Dom Sportova when Pearl Jam tour visited Croatia. This is probably one of the best gigs i have ever seen, i would say it goes to my top 10 list of concert performances. The guys just couldn't stop playing and crowd was totally crazy, following the band and goin' mad. I think we were only allowed to shoot first two songs and one of them was pretty dark as far as the light. Well here are a couple of shots from the archive. I missed PJ this summer in Austria, but i'm sure they'll be back sooner or later. And yes, the tittle of this post is taken from a t-shirt i saw in the crowd :)


Anonymous said...

eh, tole ne morem niti najmanj ostat ravnodusna. Odline fotke!
Hvala za to objavo!
Made my day!


Anonymous said...

Super fotografije. Bila na koncertu - fenomenalno in škoda besed, ker so preskope. Za pikico na i, sva se pri predzadnji pesmi s pevcem (Eddie Vedder) celo rokovala, ko je prišel z odra. Ah..spomini.